Thursday, October 25, 2012

My daily consumption

Morning -
5 eggs - 2 egg whites only
2 strips of bacon
2 waffles w/ real maple syrup

Peanut butter & Jelly Sandwhich

Post Workout-
Protein Shake w/ milk, 1 1/2 scoops gainer, 1 1/2 scoop whey, 1 scoop greek yogurt

1 chicken breast w/ 2 cups pasta

Mid afternoon-
Repeat protein shake

1 chicken breast w/ mixed greens, onion, parmesean, and crutons with a balsamic vinnagrette dressing

Peanut butter & jelly

Repeat protein shake

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Victory Obama?

     October 16, 2012 President Obama drops the gloves and comes out swinging and, like any good fighter, receives a few swift punches in return with little phase. One of the subtle battles I picked up on was the mentions of government spending. To my understanding Obama wants to increase government spending because he believes that government investments in things like green energy or education, as seen by the balloon in student loan debts and brief remarks made throughout the debate, he believes will create economic growth. Subsequently we will see a higher deficit or an increase of the upper taxes. Which in my mind poses the question; will the upper take their manufacturing to a more comfortable location… such as overseas?

     So what about Governor Romney? It’s to my understanding that he would like to cut government spending in regards to job creation. By implementing tax cuts, he believes, it will allow companies to make more profit and ultimately hire more people. Now I said that he wants to cut government spending in order to create jobs, that does not mean he wants to spend elsewhere, like perhaps... on the military.

     I spoke with a gentlemen by the name of Keon in my TVF 454 class whose last name I am not going to attempt for fear of butchering the spelling so badly. I asked him a few general questions in response to the debate with viewed in class that evening. Here is some of what he had to say:


     I must say that I agree with Keon in regard to both that marginal victory and the “elementary” level questions. I almost felt as the both President Obama and Governor Romney felt similar. I got the impression that they were dancing around answering the question asked and attempting to weave in more pertinent information without making it too obvious. Of course, this is just me jotting down my thoughts; please feel free to express yours.

The Labs of my Life

Tarri came into my life on June 23, 2012
     Meet Tarri. She is my puppy:) I picked her up when she was only ten weeks old. She is now upwards of six months. I have been a dog owner for the majority of my life; the first one being a black Labrador by the name of Tara. Tara was around when I was barely old enough to walk but I would assume she brought me great joy. Then came Maddie. Maddie was a chocolate lab and the first experience I ever had with death, beyond over feeding some fish. Maddie got hit by a car late one night and didn’t make it till morning. That one hurt, I remember one Christmas after watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer I wanted to be just like Santa in his sleigh. So, one snowy December day, I decided to use Maddie as my reindeer and strapped my little orange sled to her collar. I got down the hill and maybe a block around the corner before a a neighborhood friend noticed me, alone getting pulled by Maddie through the snow, and decided it was best to return me to my home. My were they greeted by a grateful mother at the door.
     My brother and I always complained when it came time to clean the poop in the kennel on the side of the house but it surely took some time for my brother and I to get over the loss of Maddie. I wish her life hadn't been cut short that night; there is no telling the amount of memories that surely would have continued. The next pup was a yellow lab. My brother and I were getting to the age in which my father wanted us to take on the majority of the care taking responsibilities. Turned out Dusty was a bit too high strong and pulled my brother and I around like rag dolls. The final straw was when she pulled Aaron onto a public bus, which was when we decided to hand her over to our grandfather who did an immaculate job with his training.
     The short clip above is a brief moment I captured around the holidays with Marra (M-air-uh). Marra loved the cabin. Taking Marra to the cabin was like taking a young child to Disney land. I spent countless hours throwing a tennis ball as far out into the lake as possible and watching her run full speed and leap out into the water like super dog, swim out a good 35-45 yards, and return ball in mouth. If you were new to the cabin it didn't take long to find out how far away to stand from Marra to avoid getting sprayed by her shake. Marra passed away from a short bout with cancer just a few nights ago. That was not an easy one to swallow. Being in California, and her still in Washington, I missed the final years of her life. I got brief visits with her when I would return for breaks; she greeted me with a unforgettable smile and would immediately fall to her back for a belly rub every time.
     So now at 22 years old I have embarked on a journey of my own; with a beautiful little girl named Tarri. I combined the names of my previous labs in remembrance. It's a wild thought when I think about where I will be ten years from now, but at least I know I will always have one thing right there by my side; greeting me with a smile and a wagging tail no matter what.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


    Assylum Gym LA is a relatively small fitness center in comparison to most. Founded by Herman Baptiste a former high profile handball athlete. Baptiste expressed to me that he wanted a gym that moved away from the typical. Assylum offers non membership, group based training.
    Located in Old town Pasadena off of Delacey Ave in Fraiser Alley you walk down the stairs to a well organized, spotlessly maintained, intimate gym. Immediately you are greeted by the welcoming front desk girl who checks you in for your workout. Looking around you will swiftly notice the unconventional work out machines and the refreshingly open floor. After receiving a complimentary towel you are prepped for and hour long guided fitness routine.

    The first twenty minutes consist of strength training to build muscle mass and shape body composition. The second portion of the workout is endurance focused. Testing your cardiovascular endurance and burning unwanted calories. Finally, the final 15-20 minutes are yoga based. Increasing flexibility and reducing lactic acid buildup in the muscle fibers to relieve the soreness that is sure to follow in the days to follow.
     The cost for this workout coined as "TROIKA" by founder Herman Baptiste is 20 dollars per group training session with groups maxing out at 6 patrons. There are no membership fees and no free lift hours. This gym is obviously tailored to athles, those who are intimidated by big commercial gyms, or those who need the extra guidance and motivation with their workout.

Ammenities: Complimentary towel, 1 shower, cubbies for personal belongings.
Price: $20.00 per 1 hour session
Location: 87 Fraser alley Pasadena CA 91105
Parking: Garage 1.5 hours free
Cleanliness: 5 (1 to 5 scale)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Questions

My questions:

What exactly is this projects goal? I dont think I fully understand it at the moment.

Would fitness be a good thing to do it on?

I remember professor Beaupre mentioning a technology. There is a lot of technology throughout the fitness world within the machinery and gadgets used to rain specific muscle groups. Would that count?

I also found that a few of you were thinking of the locations of things to fit into and inforgraphic. I think locations of gyms, what facilities they have, cost, cost for trainers, cleanliness, things along those lines would fit an inforgraphic. Does any of this fit the assignment?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Welcome four5four

     Hi. I am Elliott Russell and this is my blog. To my understanding I am supposed to tell a little bit about myself. I grew up in Seatte, Washington where it drizzles a lot. I moved to California four years ago due to the fact that CSULA was the best baseball school to recruit me. Growing up all I ever really did was sports. I've competed in golf, baseball, football, basketball, water polo, hockey, and soccer. Golf and baseball I would say are my two favorites to play, while nothing beats a day of sunday football with a blinding hangover. I am currently a bartender at a resturant in Old Town Pasadena by the name of Pita Jungle as well as hoping to finish school in the spring.
     The one activity I enjoy the most is weight lifting. I discovered the glory of the weight room my junior year of high school alongside my longtime friend Joe Gallagher. Between my Junior and Senior year I went from a gangly 6'4 160 pound beanstock to a 6'4 200 pound gym rat. I also saw my batting average jump from somewhere in the .300's to upwards of .475 which gave me my first lesson in the bennefits of hard work. I am still young and nieve in regards to nutrition, workout routines, form, and everything else that surrounds the world of physical fitness but that is exciting to me, it means I I have more to look forward to.
     It would'nt be right to talk about myself and not mention my family. My father is a stone cold steve austin look alike and deserves and award for raising 3 stand up children. I guess I will give some credit to Momma Russell. The kindest sole I know whose life revolves around her "three angels." Which leads to the brothers. 32 year old Eric who went through some trying times in recent years is now working for Kaiser Permanente and making more money in a month that I ever thought he would make in a year. Lastly, Aaron. Two years older than me and we cant go anywhere together without people asking if we are twins. Alongside Joe, Aaron is my best friend and the first one I call. aughter is imminent with Aaron and as Milton Berle once stated, "Laughter serves and an instant vacation."

Thats all cowboys and cowgirls. Yee Haw!