Monday, October 8, 2012

Welcome four5four

     Hi. I am Elliott Russell and this is my blog. To my understanding I am supposed to tell a little bit about myself. I grew up in Seatte, Washington where it drizzles a lot. I moved to California four years ago due to the fact that CSULA was the best baseball school to recruit me. Growing up all I ever really did was sports. I've competed in golf, baseball, football, basketball, water polo, hockey, and soccer. Golf and baseball I would say are my two favorites to play, while nothing beats a day of sunday football with a blinding hangover. I am currently a bartender at a resturant in Old Town Pasadena by the name of Pita Jungle as well as hoping to finish school in the spring.
     The one activity I enjoy the most is weight lifting. I discovered the glory of the weight room my junior year of high school alongside my longtime friend Joe Gallagher. Between my Junior and Senior year I went from a gangly 6'4 160 pound beanstock to a 6'4 200 pound gym rat. I also saw my batting average jump from somewhere in the .300's to upwards of .475 which gave me my first lesson in the bennefits of hard work. I am still young and nieve in regards to nutrition, workout routines, form, and everything else that surrounds the world of physical fitness but that is exciting to me, it means I I have more to look forward to.
     It would'nt be right to talk about myself and not mention my family. My father is a stone cold steve austin look alike and deserves and award for raising 3 stand up children. I guess I will give some credit to Momma Russell. The kindest sole I know whose life revolves around her "three angels." Which leads to the brothers. 32 year old Eric who went through some trying times in recent years is now working for Kaiser Permanente and making more money in a month that I ever thought he would make in a year. Lastly, Aaron. Two years older than me and we cant go anywhere together without people asking if we are twins. Alongside Joe, Aaron is my best friend and the first one I call. aughter is imminent with Aaron and as Milton Berle once stated, "Laughter serves and an instant vacation."

Thats all cowboys and cowgirls. Yee Haw!

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  1. Hello Elliott. I want to tell you that I have your link on my blog. Please let me know if it is okay with you. Have a nice weekend.