Thursday, October 11, 2012


    Assylum Gym LA is a relatively small fitness center in comparison to most. Founded by Herman Baptiste a former high profile handball athlete. Baptiste expressed to me that he wanted a gym that moved away from the typical. Assylum offers non membership, group based training.
    Located in Old town Pasadena off of Delacey Ave in Fraiser Alley you walk down the stairs to a well organized, spotlessly maintained, intimate gym. Immediately you are greeted by the welcoming front desk girl who checks you in for your workout. Looking around you will swiftly notice the unconventional work out machines and the refreshingly open floor. After receiving a complimentary towel you are prepped for and hour long guided fitness routine.

    The first twenty minutes consist of strength training to build muscle mass and shape body composition. The second portion of the workout is endurance focused. Testing your cardiovascular endurance and burning unwanted calories. Finally, the final 15-20 minutes are yoga based. Increasing flexibility and reducing lactic acid buildup in the muscle fibers to relieve the soreness that is sure to follow in the days to follow.
     The cost for this workout coined as "TROIKA" by founder Herman Baptiste is 20 dollars per group training session with groups maxing out at 6 patrons. There are no membership fees and no free lift hours. This gym is obviously tailored to athles, those who are intimidated by big commercial gyms, or those who need the extra guidance and motivation with their workout.

Ammenities: Complimentary towel, 1 shower, cubbies for personal belongings.
Price: $20.00 per 1 hour session
Location: 87 Fraser alley Pasadena CA 91105
Parking: Garage 1.5 hours free
Cleanliness: 5 (1 to 5 scale)


  1. dug this man. seemed real cutting edge and i got a good vision and idea of what the gyms like. hope you review a fitness 19

  2. It is a very interesting idea to create a GYM in a different way. I am sure a lot of people like it. I like the structure of the class it seems logic.

  3. The gym looks like a high definition movie studio. The research done on a gym in terms of cleanliness is something I would read.

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