Saturday, October 13, 2012


Google Public Data:
     This site uses multiple infographics to visually tell the story of fertility rate and life expectancy of different countries via plotted map, bubble graph, line graph, and bar graph. These infographics are interractive and allow you to drag the arrow and choose the year of fertility and life expectancy information you would like to view in specificity.

Google Public Data
     These infographics also allow you to view a constant stream of information that evolves over the timeline to give a quick visual representation of the changes in fertility and life expectancies in various countries.



  1. Good infographic. I think moveable and interactive info-graphics are more helpful than still info-graphics. Of course still info-graphics are also very helpful for most people.

  2. Well done it is a great example of data, I am still having problems trying to create something using info graphics. Right now they are a myriad of software that we don't know which one to choose in order to create something.

  3. It was a very good work to let us know about your project. I think it will be very helpful to us to find information collected in the internet. It was a nice presentation from you helping us to understand the topic about Google Public Data. Have a great Holidays.