Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Questions

My questions:

What exactly is this projects goal? I dont think I fully understand it at the moment.

Would fitness be a good thing to do it on?

I remember professor Beaupre mentioning a technology. There is a lot of technology throughout the fitness world within the machinery and gadgets used to rain specific muscle groups. Would that count?

I also found that a few of you were thinking of the locations of things to fit into and inforgraphic. I think locations of gyms, what facilities they have, cost, cost for trainers, cleanliness, things along those lines would fit an inforgraphic. Does any of this fit the assignment?

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  1. The purpose of the project is to chose a topic. Then use the topic using different resources from the the technology such as informatics, Video to explain the topic. In other words, create a story to be reported.